Hello I'm Fabien FRULEUX

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I'm proud to be part of the LGI team for the past 14 years. My journey within the company has been an incredible experience, starting as a full-stack developer, I've had the opportunity to grow professionally over the years. Today, I am honored to hold the position of lead developer, where I lead a talented team and work on exciting projects. My commitment to LGI and my passion for technology have always been my driving forces, and I'm excited to continue contributing to our company's success by constantly pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

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About LGI

LGI is a European sustainable innovation consultancy delivering Innovation Strategy, Financing, Management & Communication services for public & private innovators.

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Communicate at the right time, right place with the right message in the right way.
Find the best funding opportunities, build a strong consortium to boost your chances of success.
Add value. Grow with technology and market innovation. Set trends.
Making project management easier and less time consuming.
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  • Address . . . . .6 cité de l'ameublement
    75011 Paris France
  • Email . . . . .office@lgi.earth
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